The Truth

I have a feeling  That there’s truth to it. Someone’s hand on my throat Putting me against the wall. I remember it all. But the face, It has blurred with time. And maybe I blocked it out Or passed out. Who knows? All I know is  That it wasn’t my fault. I was just a … Continue reading


It stares into my eyes and jumps under my skin, heating my blood to boil out of my mouth. I’ve struggled day after day this past week. Writing, working, learning, doing, trying, failing, failing, and failing again. Two rejection emails and one failed practice lesson. When will it be enough? It will never be enough … Continue reading


June 27, 2017 Written by: Kayla Rome Even distribution of parts, An easy assessment of beauty. Plump bellies and oversized muffin tops, Unbalance the image meter.   The scale is rigged by powdered And creamed people edited  From shot to screen:  No visible part is left unbrushed. Hours spent on the perfect mask Is like baking … Continue reading


The long awaited package Finally arrives, But my plump curvy shape Doesn’t fit the fuzzy fabric. Is it the box I fit? The one that I hide inside, Where my shapely thighs sigh Into oversized sweatpants? What about the hoodies, That cover my booty, Like a baker covers bread? Are these the sheets I use … Continue reading

Eating Sick

Dark chocolate sways My aching heart to Break pieces off a bar; The cuts straighter Than the cracks forming In my heart. Fre is ice cold sweetness, Alcohol removed. The effect the same, Drowsy depression. Deep soreness recalls The sporatic beating. Tightness spreads from Breast to gut. My stomach erupts: A fullness Of acidic refuse: … Continue reading

A Working Writer

In 2013, I was a newlywed. At some point during that year, I opened this blog account. I can’t imagine what I was trying to do, but I happened to write about my dreams. My first and only comment on my site has been: “…” What does this say about me? Nothing. In fact, I … Continue reading